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    Balloon Flowers
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Flowers and Smiles #F19 Flowers and Smiles A delicate creation with4 Balloon flowers and 4 Smiles, this arrangement was created for a new baby, accented with white tulle, and silver paper for a soft look. $30.00

    Balloon Flowers with Helium Balloons
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Over the Hill #FB1 Over the Hill 3 Black Balloon Flowers with a pair of Chocolate teeth in a jar, attached is a combination of 3 black 11" latex and 3 Printed double stuffed latex balloons $35.00
    Designer Floral
    Designer Floral
    #FB2 Designer Floral Created inside a "Geo" latex balloon are 3 Balloon Flowers, with Candy Kisses wrapped in clear cellophane and a pretty bow. Attached... is a Balloon Bouquet with 3-11" printed latex, 2 Geo Blossoms, and 1 Messaged Mylar $51.50
    Geo with Balloon Flowers #FB3 Geo with Balloon Flowers 3 Balloon Flowers coming out of the middle of a Geo Latex Balloon, accented with balloon grass and grass shred. Attached to this arrangement is a Messaged Mylar $33.50
    Geo Smiles and Flowers #FB4 Geo Smiles and Flowers 4 Balloon Flowers, and 4-5" latex Smiles coming out of a Geo Latex Balloon. Accented with grass Shred. Attached is an 18" Messaged Mylar $41.50

    Balloon Flowers with Rainbow
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Sun and Fun #FR1 Sun and Fun 1 Rainbow & Cloud.1-9" Sun, 1-9" Messaged Mylar, 6 Balloon Flowers, 1-4" Smile in a floral decorated box with balloon grass, shred and a pretty bow $61.00
    Flowers & Smiles #FR2 Flowers & Smiles A sunny arrangement with 1 Rainbow with 5" latex Smiles shouting out of the balloon clouds, on the bottom is5 Balloon Flowers and a 9" Mylar $47.00
    To Brighten your day #FR3 To Brighten your day Teddy Bear with Rainbow & Cloud with 1-18" Messaged Mylar, 1-9" Sun, 1 Sunflower, 1-5" Mylar. A pretty bow in the front of a decorated box. $52.50
    Sunny and Bright #FR4 Sunny and Bright 1 Rainbow and Cloud with 9" Mylar Sun, 6 Balloon Flowers and a 5" Mylar $49.00
    Outdoor Delight #FR5 Outdoor Delight This fun arrangement is created with one of 12" TeddyBears(Basket Ball) holding a package of gift wrapped Candy Kisses, in the Background is a colorful Rainbow with smiling faces shooting out of the the cloud., and a 9" Messaged Mylar. In the Decorated Box, are 3-Balloon Flowers, A variety of Chocolate Squares, and Candy bars, balloon grass, shred and tissue as a filler. Attached to the package is 5-Double Stuffed 16" latex balloons with 11" Latex inside. $100.00
    A Bright and Sunny Day
    A Bright and Sunny Day
    #FR6 A Bright and Sunny Day A Beautiful Rainbow with Balloon Cloud and 9" Smiling Sun. A 9" Messaged Mylar under the rainbow. The front of the rainbow is a variety of chocolate squares and assorted mini pieces of candy, accented with 4 Balloon Flowers. Attached to the arrangement is 3-Double Stuffed 16" Balloons, with an 11" Printed latex inside. $70.50

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