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    Balloon Bouquets
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Big Bunch #BQ1 Big Bunch Create a colorful balloon bouquet with a variety of 11" latex balloons, 50 balloons @ $1.50ea. 75.00
    Geo Latex #BQ2 Geo Latex Create a balloon Bouquet with assorted colors of geo latex @$3.50ea. $3.50
    Double Stuffed 260Q #BQ3 Double Stuffed 260Q 18" clear balloons stuffed with 260Q otherwise discribed as skinny long balloons, assorted colors available, create a whole bouquet or add one or two to a mixed balloon bouquet. cost per balloon $3.50ea, This picture has 3 double stuffed balloons. $10.50
    Double Stuffed Heart #BQ4 Double Stuffed Heart 18" clear balloon with a clear heart inside for a crystal 3D effect. Add any quantity of this balloon to a variety of mixed balloons for a fun and exciting bouquet. Cost per balloon $3.50
    Inspirational #BQ5 Inspirational

    This Bouquet has 2-11" printed latex+2 -18" round Mylars +1-18" star. Attached is a gift wrapped box. Any personal item could be used inside, Candy Kisses, or a TeddyBear. The total cost of this package does not include the Gift Wrapped item on the bottom, or your choice of suggested gifts.


    To brighten your day #BQ6 To brighten your day 1 mylar(3.50ea)+2-11" Printed latex(2.00ea)+1-flower shaped latex(3.30ea)+1-11" latex(1.50ea). Delivery suggestion: Attach this arrangement to a boxfull of balloon flowers, candy kisses, a Teddy Bear, or Fresh flowers or add any quantity of these balloons to your bouquet for a grand festive look. Cost of this Bouquet as shown in picture $9.00
    #BQ7 (No Name) 3-11"latex(1.50ea)+2Mylar Roses(8.50ea) $21.50
    Double stuffed #BQ8 Double stuffed 3 double stuffed balloons(3.50ea), created witha clear 18" latex and 11" latex inside. $10.50
    Geo Flower #BQ9 Geo Flower 18"latex flower shaped balloons, comes in assorted colors, create a spectacular arrangement with any amount of these balloons, cost per balloon. $3.50
    Double Stuffed with stem #BQ10 Double Stuffed with stem 3 double stuffed with a decorative stem, made with 260 Q's(skinny long balloon) to replicate a look of a flower or leaves, The base/weight at the bottom is made with an arrangement of 3 balloon flowers+ 5"smiling latex +Kisses, thecost per balloon is $3.75 ea. Cost of this Bouquet, without the base/weight is$11.25 $36.75
    Combination Bouquet #BQ11 Combination Bouquet 3 double stuffed 16"(@3.50ea) latex+3 printed11"latex(@2.00ea. $16.50
    #BQ12 (No Name) 6 assorted printed 11" latex@2.00ea $12.00

    Jumbo Balloons
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Romantic Double Stuffed #BJ1 "Romantic Double Stuffed" 16" clear latex, with heart shaped latex inside, create as many as you wish, or add a combination of other balloons to create a romantic bouquet, attach to a box of chocolate($10.00) and /or a book of poetry($20.00), the cost of this balloon. $3.75ea
    Hot Air Balloon #BJ2 "Hot Air Balloon" This 36" Clear helium filled balloon, is stuffed with 3 11" latex inside, with net around balloon that is attached to a decorated box+ a Teddy Bear($20.00) inside the box +Candy Kisses on the bear's lap. Package cost $50.00"
    Hot air W/Tassels #BJ3 "Hot air W/Tassels" 36" Clear with 4 -11" latex, the net is decorated with metallic ribbons, and is attached to a decorated basket, which can be filled with any type of goodies: candy, cookies, flowers or gift items, at an additional cost to the package $35.00 Plus the cost of your own personal gift Ideas to put in the basket
    Romantic...Hot Air with Cloud #BJ4 "Romantic...Hot Air with Cloud" 36" Helium filled latex with net covering , at the base of the netted balloons is 6-11" white balloons. attached is a Teddy Bear with candy kisses", $55.00

    Balloon Bouquets with Balloon Flowers
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Over the Hill #BF1 Over the Hill The base of this Package is made 3 Black & white Balloon Flowers, with green stems, around a funny pair of chocolate teeth in a jar. Attached is an arrangment of balloons that consist of 3-11" black latex, 4 double bubble 16" latex and 1-16" latex $49.00

    #BF2 (No Name) 2 Balloons Flowers,1-9"messaged mylars and Hershey Candy Kisses wrapped in clear cellophane and a pretty bow is arranged in a flower printed coffee mug . Attached are 2-11" Helium Balloons and 1-18" messaged mylar $34.00

    #BF3 (No Name) This Pac kage has a balloon bouquet that consist of 4-18" mylars, and 3 latex 11" helium balloons. The base is created with one balloon Flower, accented with green balloon stems, grassy filler and Candy Kisses in a gift box. $28.50

    Balloon Bouquets with Kisses
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Kisses #BK Kisses

    All The Balloon Arrangements in this Catagory is attached Hershey Candy Kisses, wrapped in decorated Cellophane and a colorful bow. This serves a weight for the Balloon Bouquet as well as a gift for the receipient

    Combination Bouquet
    Combination Bouquet
    BK1 Combination Bouquet

    This arrangement has 4-11" latex + 4-11"double stuffed with a 9" messaged balloon inside + 4-11"printed latexThis balloon arrangement is attached to BK1 + ...Hershey Kisses, wrapped in clear cellophane, with a bow, and is placed in a decorated box with simulated grass filler, and balloon grass in the background is a 9" air filled Messaged mylar.

    Balloon Bouquet
    Balloon Bouquet
    #BK2 Balloon Bouquet 5 Printed + 5-standard 11" latex, attached to Hershey kisses wrapped in clear cellophane, that is sprinkled with red and silver dust, in the background is green cellopane fanned out under a 9" air filled messaged mylar. $25.50
    Fun Bunch #BK3 Fun Bunch This arrangement consist of: 2-Messaged Mylars + 8-11" Printed or messaged latex + 3 Double Stuffed 16" Latex $38.50
    Romantic and Cute #BK4 Romantic and Cute 1 Custom Designed Geo latex + 2 Messaged Mylars + 2 Geo Blossoms + 1 Double Stuffed heart in a 16" Latex, atteched to Candy Kisses $26.50
    Assorted Colors #BK5* Assorted Colors

    10-11" Helium Latex Balloons in Assorted mixed colours. Attached to Candy Kissed. *

    #BK6 (No Name) 4 Double Stuffed 16" latex + 1 Designer 16" latex + 1-18" Messaged Mylar, attached to Candy Kisses $26.25
    Celebrate and Smile #BK7 Celebrate and Smile 5-11" latex "Smiles" + 4-11" messaged latex + 1-18" Messaged Mylar + Candy Kisses $26.50
    Double Stuffed on a flower #BK8 Double Stuffed on a flower 5-16" Double stuffed with message, with a Balloon Flower on the the base of each balloon + 1 Messaged Mylar on the top of the Bouquet, attached to Candy Kisses $27.25

    Balloon Bouquets with Teddy Bears and Plush
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    BP1 Romantic 20" Musical Bear, plays the tune"Love Me Tender" holdin a red silk rose, sits in a decorated box, holding Hershey Candy Kisses wrapped in clear cellophane, and a pretty bow. Attached is a Romantic Balloon Bouquet: 4 Printed Latex, 1 -36" Messaged Mylar, I Special Shaped Mylar( a seal holding a heart, with the message"Sealed With A Kiss" $55.00

    Balloon Bouquets with Coffee Mug & Kisses
    Picture Item Name Description Price Order
    Hug in a Mug #BC1 Hug in a Mug A 6" Teddy Bear wearing a romantic T Shirt, in a mug with the message "I Love You".

    Delivery suggestion:(not included in package price) Add a romatic balloon arrangement this item.

    $15.00(minimum order is $25.00)
    Mug & Kisses #BC2 Mug & Kisses

    A romantic Coffee Mug with candy kisses wrapped in heart designed cellophane and a pretty red bow, picture shows 3 choices of mugs we use. Attached to the handle of the mug are 3-16" Helium latex balloons: Red, white, and pink.

    Delivery suggestion: (not included in the cost of this package) Add mylars that say "I Love you" and heart shaped latex.

    $19.50(Minimum order is $25.00)
    Smiles & Hug in a Mug
    Smiles & Hug in a Mug
    #BC3 Smiles & Hug in a Mug 6" Bear in a Coffee Mug with Candy Kisses, in a clear cellophane bag designed with smiling faces. Attached to this fun package is Balloon Bouquet of 6-11" latex Balloons and 1 Messaged Mylar $32.00

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