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Sandra Mahabir (owner) Hi! My name is Sandra, I am the creator and owner of Bearadise. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the company you are trusting your special occasion to.

Bearadise opened its retail doors in 1984 as "Fun Time Balloons and Bears" Located on the corner of 12th and Pike in Capital Hill Seattle Wa. We specialized in Balloon Delivery for everyday occasions, parties and weddings. We soon added Teddy Bears to our Delivery packages, and was delighted by the response we received from our customers. We continued to add a large variety of Teddy Bear to our inventory and learned about Bear Collecting and Bear Clubs in the area. As we aspired to cater to Bear Collectors and Bear Lovers in our area... we discovered that we opened up a whole new venue that shifted the course our business.

After 2 years it was clear we that we had outgrown our current location (I joked with my customers that the Bears came out of hibernation and had started to multiply, so I needed more space) We moved to a 2nd location on the corner of 105th and Aurora Ave N. With 4,000 sq feet of floor space we became a paradise of Teddy Bears...and Funtime Balloons and Bears became well known as the "Teddy Bear Store". We soon changed our name to "Bearadise" to better reflect our product, since we now specialized in collectable and commercial brand TeddyBears, with a limited amount Party Supplies, Gifts, and Balloons.

After 12 years in the retail business, Bearadise closed its retail doors to work from a home office.

After 17 years... I am enjoying this journey more than ever. I t is such a joy to me to brightening someone's day with my Creative Gift Packages, or Decorate a Special Event with balloon Colums, Arches, Hearts and Special Designs, and of course I will always be there for the Bear Collector/Bear lover. The Teddy Bear will always be a special part of Bearadise.

Thank you,

Sandra Mahabir (owner)

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