North American Bear Company

North American Bear Company
Picture Item Name Description Price Order
Fuzzys Bal Masque Outfit #Cl-A1 Fuzzy”s Bal Masque Outfit “Bal Masque Collections” True to the splendor and exubearance of a grand gathering in the 17th century. Take your Vanderbear to a Bal Masque cloaked behind a black mask, and wearing this vibrant and colorful outfit. $35.00
Muffy in her Farm Dress & Muffy's Farm Cart #Cl-A2 Muffy in her Farm Dress & Muffy’s Farm Cart (Muffy Collection) “Down on the Farm” Muffy is wearing her blue and white check sundress with floral borders. She is wearing blue shoes with green laces and is holding her personalizedfeed bag. $42.00 Muffy’s wooden cart with her name inscribed, and turn-table wheels fine crafted and detailed work of art. $26.00. $68.00per set
Fuzzy's Eine Kleine Mountain Climbing Outfit CL-A3 Fuzzy’s Eine Kleine Mountain Climbing Outfit (A Muffy Collection) Eine Kleine Mountain Climbing Collection. Inspired by the traditional Tyrolean Folk costumes. Unique and colorful, this outfit will fit Fuzzy or any 12 bear. $31.00
Muffy's Kimono CL-A4 Muffy’s Kimono (A Muffy Collection)Koyoto Blossom Collection Blue koyoto, in a cherry blossom print design, bow and sash. $24.00
Koyoto Blossoms Accessories CL-A5 Koyoto Blossoms Accessories (Sandal, Purse, and fan)(A Muffy Collection) Koyoto Blossoms Collection Traditional Japanese wooden sandals, a wash paper fan, and a fabric bag. Packaged in a matching tomoebako box. $18.00
Hoppy's One Minuet More Dress CL-A6 Hoppy’s One Minuet More Dress One Minuet More Collection Hoppy’s outfit is a replica of an 18th century style taffeta dress. The fitted sleeves and gold embroidered bodice are trimmed with lace. Flowered ribbon trim, a ruffle printed with musical notes, gold shoes and tricorner hat. $27.00
Chef outfit A Cornelius Vanderbear Outfit CL-A7 Chef outfit A Cornelius Vanderbear Outfit (A Muffy Collection) The Cherry Pie Collection. This chef’s outfit comes in a plaid green top and solid green pants, with mittens and hat that fits Cornelius bear, and an approx. 20 bear. $50.00
Muffy's Sewing Lesson Dress CL-A8 Muffy’s Sewing Lesson Dress (A Muffy Collection) The Sewing Lesson Collection. This yellow and green dress is in a sewing theme design. With green shoes, and a bow that is in the design of a ruler. $22.00
Hoppy VanderHare's Bathrobes CL-A9 Hoppy VanderHare’s Bathrobes (A Muffy Collection) The Splish Splash Bathtime Collection. Hoppy’s Orange colored hooded terry cloth robes. Their reversible robes are lined with printed cotton, with their own bubbly bathing motif. This outfits has coordinating wash mitts. $21.00
Muffy VanderBear's Bathrobes CL-A10 Muffy VanderBear’s Bathrobes (A Muffy Collection) The Splish Splash Bathtime Collection. Muffy Teal Blue hooded terry cloth robes. Their reversible robes are lined with printed cotton, with their own bubbly bathing motif. This outfits has coordinating wash mitts. $21.00
Cut out Muffy and her Beach Outfit CL-A11 Cut out Muffy and her Beach Outfit A Paper cut-out of Muffy wearing her bright red bikini with matching kerchief. Accompanied by a fluffy white towel embroidered with a red Muffy monogram. $17.00
Cornelius Bal Masque outfit CL-A12 Cornelius Bal Masque outfit Bearistocrat Cornelius, is dressed in black and white grandeur for his Bal Masque event. Black mask, frilled collar, red fabric shoes with red bow and white outfit with matching hat. $59.00
Hoppy VanderBear CL-A13 Hoppy VanderBear All Paws on Deck Collection An espadrilles and twill middy sailor dress with classic anchor buttons, plaid tie and embroidered collar. A treasure map is safely rolled up in its carrying tube. $27.50
Muffy's Black Cat Outfit CL-A14 Muffy’s Black Cat Outfit (Retired) A velour black cat suit with face mask. $22.00
Muffy's 10th Anniversary 1994 Limited Edition Bear CL-A15 Muffy’s 10th Anniversary 1994 Limited Edition Bear (in box) This Takes The Cake Collection. Muffy is sitting pretty in her limited edition box, with Certificate of Authenticity, in a blue chiffon dress and crown of 10 candles $47.00
Muffy VanderBear CL-A16 Muffy VanderBear, The Littlest CowpokeVanderBear Traveling Wild West Show Collection. Muffy is dressed for the road in her red and white checkered outfit and red flower designed apron. $43.00
Muffy Fortunetelling CL-A17 Muffy Fortunetelling (A Muffy collection) Muffy VanderBear and HoppyVanderHare, conjure up an air of mystery with these tiny tools of the Gypsy’s Tarot Card Deck and Crystal Ball. And Hoppy Genie’s flying Carpet and Magic Lamp. $29.00
Muffy's Sailboat CL-A21 Muffy’s Sailboat (A Muffy Collection) The All Paws On Deck Collection. Muffy’s Boat The Lulu is a wooden, seaworthy vessel from stem to stern. With its billowing sail of vellum paper and nautical details, it is roomy enough for Muffy to take a friend on the high seas adventure. Size: 16L x 6 x 14H (with mast). $66.00
Muffy's Cherry Pie CL-A22 Muffy’s Cherry Pie The Cherry Pie Collection Muffy’s signature is pricked in crust. Packed in VdeB Patisserie bakery box. 21/2Dia x 3/4 Deep. $7.00
Water Ball CL-A23 Water Ball 3Dia x 41/2H (A Muffy Collection) The North Pole Collection. This beautiful winter scene showcases Muffy and Lulu taking off into the snowy night. This snow globe scene is made of hand painted resin. $27.00
Oatsie The Horse CL-A25 Oatsie The Horse (A Muffy Collection) The VanderBear Family All four legs are jointed, from head to tail it measures approx. 12. Brown and white fur, with blue bow around the neck. $26.00
Egg Decoration Kit CL-A26 Egg Decoration Kit (A Muffy Collection) Walking On Eggshells Collection. Egg decorating kit includes: recipe book with stencils, egg collars, rub on decals and wax crayons. $17.00
Hedgehog CL-A27 Hedgehog Is it spring yet? This hedgehog is waiting patiently in his spring flowered designed box with peek-out window. His 6 dark brown fur body is detailed and flawless with jointed arms and legs. A must for collectors. $20.00
Heart Bearaker CL-A28 Heart Bearaker Little Cupid with velvety red wings and a quiver full of hearts is 5 and comes in a gift box. $19.00
Christmas Tree Ornament CL-A29 Christmas Tree Ornament A Christmas Tree Ornament. Porcelain figurine of Muffy holding a snowbird 41/2H. $13.00
Trim-A-Tree Kit CL-A30 Trim-A-Tree Kit 81/4W x 41/2H x 61/2D Muffy and Hoppy’s Trim a Tree Kit. Packed in a festively illustrated tin box, the kit contains everything needed to create a detailed miniature tree including: One 8 tree with wooden base…one printed cardboard tree base decoration…one Muffy Santa tree topper…12 original ornaments based on the North Pole Collections (2 Fuzzy Robot Figurines, 2 Fluffy Doll Figurines, 2 Fluffy Doll Masks, 1 Hoppy Elf figurine and 1 Lulu Reindeer medallion)…white ribbon for hanging ornaments…photograph of the finished decorated tree. $68.50
Pom Pom Bunny CL-A31 Pom Pom Bunny Color: White
Size: 12
Bud CL-A32 Bud (A Muffy Collection) Flower Festival Collection Jointed legs, brown fur, 5 tall …Detailed and distinctive. Bud wears a collar of spring flowers around his neck. A must for collectors of miniatures and small fine crafted plush animals. $11.50
Bearonsky #CL-A33 Bearonsky Retired VIB(very important bear) from North American Bear Co. Aprox. 21″ tall, wearing a Black and gold jacket, a jewelled dagger at his side and black Russian hat with Russian emblem on the front. This Bear is very Collectable with a value far greater than the amount asked for. He was introduced in the spring of1993 and retired in fall 1995. Bearonsky is a character in Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” (played by Tederick March) $100.00
Joan Pawford 'Mommie Bearest' #CL-A34 Joan Pawford “Mommie Bearest” Green velvet bear dressed in a two piece suit, with fur trimmed collar and matching hat. $100.00
Charles Lindberg #CL-A35 Charles Lindberg Wearing his spirit of St Louis flying uniform $100.00
Hoppy Thimble #Cl-A38 Hoppy Thimble This 1″ Collectable porcelain Thimble has a design with Hoppy’s name and picture $10.00
Muffy Thimble #Cl-A39 Muffy Thimble This 1″ Collectable porcelain Thimble with Muffy picture and name $10.00
Fluffy Thimble #Cl-A40 Fluffy Thimble This 1″ Collectable Porcelain Thimble with Fluffy’s name and picture $10.00