Robert Raikes: An Artist and sculptor for seventeen years he created dolls and animals, known for their elegance and their special touch of fantasy. Raikes Originals came to life at the artist studio in the majestic Mt Shasta area of Northern California, and are the result of his continued interest in the great outdoors. Working from his feelings, then from a visualization of the finished work, Mr Raikes creates a piece that is individually carved and beautifully fitted together. His painstaiking technique results in a sculpter of stunning quality and warmth. Applause is proud to be associated with Robert Raikes and the distinguished work he creates. He has earned the recognition as a world class sculptor and have won a cherished position in the Collector’s World. Associated with Applause Inc. he brings unequal collectible designs sure to guarantee generations of enjoyment.

Picture Item Name Description Price Order
The Hopkins #CL-E1 The Hopkins Easter 1991. Aprox.12″ tall. A Raikes Original. The Hopkins depict two hares chatting on opposite sides of a fence. Comes with a certificate of authenticity complete with gold seal. This peice is numbered and signed. $200.00
Queen Mary #CL-E2 Queen Mary A member of the Royal Court…Queen Mary is Aprox. 22″ tall, A limited edition of1,388/ 10,000 Dressed in red satin, trimmed in rich gold and royal purple. Her delicate crown is highlighted with a gold collar around a puffy red satin. Signed and numbered. $300.00
Mini Sailor #CL-E3 Mini Sailor This Collectable Replica is a Miniature Sailor boy… a tiny peice only…11/2″ $10.00
Mini Aviator #CL-E4 Mini Aviator A tiny replica of an Original Raikes Collectable peice. 1-3/4″ tall an exact duplicate of the larger version $10.00
Mini Girl #CL-E5 Mini Girl A tiny replica of the original Raikes Collectable. 1 3/4″ tall. This piece has a tiny chip on the left side of the chair that can be easily covered with a marking pen $5.00
Tree Ornament Santa #CL-E6 Tree Ornament Santa 1-1/2″ tall Tree Ornament $10.00
Tree Ornament Sled #CL-E7 Tree Ornament Sled 11/2″ tall Tree Ornament $10.00