Made in Germany… Steiff animals are world renown as the oldest and largest stuffed toy manufacture, is also recognized as the originator of the most beloved stuffed toy…The Teddy Bear. Every stuffed animal is made with meticulous attention to detail to acheive a life like apearance using only the best materials available and exquisite hand workmanship.

Picture Item Name Description Price Order
Cosy Bibi #CL-D1 Cosy Bibi Machine washable, soft woven fur, aprox. 5″ $35.00
Cosy Gacki #CL-D2 Cosy Gacki Aprox. 8″, machine washable, soft woven fur $95.00
Dolly Teddybar #CL-D3 Dolly Teddybar 0215/15…Genuine Mohair, red body, white face, with pink ribbon around its neck. Dolly is aproz.6″tall and is fully jointed $100.00
Spotelli #CL-D4 Spotelli Black and White Bunny, aprox. 8″long $95.00
Teddy Baby #CL-D5 Teddy Baby 1931 replica, limited edition(white tag in ear)5000 pieces, aprox. 12″ tall $300.00
Snuffy #CL-D6 Snuffy Very Soft! This cuddly critter is aprox.7″ tall wearing a brown bow $75.00
Circus Wagon Giraffe #CL-D7 Circus Wagon Giraffe #3498/5000 The Circus Wagon with Giraffe is the third in a limited Edition series of five wagons. Together with its predecessors, the Elephant and Calliope and Leo the Lion in his cage, this new addition is limited to 5,000 sets. The Giraffe is made by Steiff, world renowned as the master maker of stuffed toys, simulating a series of Giraffes made in the 50’s. The model is unique since this size has never before been made in mohair. It is being produced commercially for the first time by German craftsmen, with the same skill and attention to quality, as in former times. The Giraffe’s cage is made in the United States, following the proud tradition of wagon masters and artisans from the past. Though no two wagons are alike, you will recognize the charm and characteristics of handwork, finishing and detail. The box it came in was lost during a move, except for that it is in mint condition $400.00or best offer