Food, Wine, Chocolate, and Gifts
Picture Item Name Description Price Order
Champagne and Chocolate #H1 Champagne and Chocolate A delightful array of Chocolate Bars and squares, Candy Kisses, and a bottle of champagne, in a decorated 8×8 Gift box, accented with a 5″ Smile Mylar and a pretty bow. $37.00
Welcome Baby!
Welcome Baby!
#H2 Welcome Baby! A TeddyBear($20.00), with a variety of baby products, a decorate gift box 11″ long x 6″ wide. Accented with 2 Balloon Flowers, a 9″ Mylar Star, and Glitter curl sticks. Attached is a $59.00
Activity and toy
Activity and toy
#H3 Activity and toy Created for a young child, this Package has a variety of activity toys, coloring books, crayons, a Blue Rainbow Bear($12.00), and a 9″Mylar, in a 12″ long x 5″ wide decorated gift box. Attached to this arrangement, are 2-18″ Messaged Mylars and 1 Mylar shaped like a TeddyBear. $50.00
Food and Wine #H4 Food and Wine Wine, Cheeses, Crackers, Sausage, Gourmet Chocolates, Fruits, and nuts, with a Balloon Rainbow in the background in a decorated gift box 18″ long x 9″ wide. Accented with Balloon Grass and 2 Balloon Flowers(A shirt was added to this package, as a personal gift item) $80.00
Congratulations Mom and Dad #H5 Congratulations Mom and Dad Champagne…and 6 Balloon Flowers, with 4 11″ Printed latex, and 4 Messaged Mylar, in a decorated gift box 15″ tall x 71/2″ wide. Accented with Balloon Grass, Shred and Tissue, and Cellophane $64.00
Chocoholic delight #H6 Chocoholic delight A Box Full of Chocolate bars and squares, in a decorated gift box 15″ long x 8 1/2″ wide, with 3 Balloon Flowers, 2 -5″latex smiles, a 9″ Mylar Smile, accented with Balloon Grass, Glitter sticks, Cellophane and shred $52.00
Kissed by the sun #H7 Kissed by the sun A variety of small boxes of Raisins and assorted Dried Fruits, in a decorated gift box 15″ long x 81/2″wide. A Rainbow and cloud, with an 18″ Messaged Mylar in the background with a 9″ Mylar Sun, 7 Balloon Flowers and a 5″ Mylar Sun $65.00
New Baby #H8 New Baby A variety of Baby Products in a decorated 8 x 8 Gift Box, with 2 Daisy Balloon flowers. Attached is a 3ft Messaged Mylar and 4 Printed 11″ Latex Balloons $53.00
Morning delight #H9 Morning delight A variety of exotic Coffees, Teas, Biscuit and Biscotti, accented with 5 Balloon Flowers, Balloon Grass, grassy shred, and green cellophone in a decorated 15″ long x 81/2″ wide. Attached are 2 Messaged Mylars and one Mylar Rose $68.50
Kisses & Flowers #H10 Kisses & Flowers Aproximately 1 Pound of Hershey Candy, wrapped in clear cellophane and a bow, with 6 Balloon Flowers, with green balloon stems, created around the kisses, with a look of them growing out of the kisses, on the top of this artistic creation is an 18″ Messaged Mylar $53.50
Cookies in a box #H11 Cookies in a box 2 boxes of fresh Cookies, 1 dozen per box. Presented with an extra large satin bow. Attached are 2-18″ Messaged Mylars $31.00
Chocolate Delight #H12 Chocolate Delight This Decorated Gift Box is 18″ long X 9″wide, filled with an assortment of Chocolate Bars, Squares, and Chocolate Chip Cookies, with a 5″ Mylar Smile. This Package includes(not pictured) 3 Balloon Flowers, 2 -5″ latex Smiles and accented with Balloon Grass, green shred, and cellophane. $61.00
Bread and Cheeses #H13 Bread and Cheeses This Gift Box is 18″ long x 9″ Wide, has…FrenchBread, with assorted Cheeses, crackers, Salamie, Wine, with a large cluster of Grapes wrapped around the top of the wine bottle.. Accented with a 5″ Smile Mylar, 2 Sunflower Balloon , Balloon Grass. Attached is an arrangement of 5 Printed Latex Balloon $62.00
Fruits in a basket #H14 Fruits in a basket A variety of Fresh Fruits arranged in a 12″ x 12″ container. Attached is an 18″ Messaged Mylar $43.50
#H15 Celebrate Champagne, Cheese, Nuts & Crackers in a decorated 8×8 gift box, with 2 Balloon Flowers a 9″ Mylar, accented with Balloon Grass and shred. Attached are two Messaged Mylars. $47.00
Sweets for the Sweet
Sweets for the Sweet
#H16 Sweets for the Sweet Chocolates squares and Candy Kisses in a 6″x4 gift box, accented with Balloon Grass, shred and cellophane. Attached is a Balloon Bouquet of 2 Messaged Mylars and 3-11″ Printed latex. $33.00
Plush in a Bubble #H17 Plush in a Bubble Inside this 18″ latex is an Angel Bear ($36.00)holding a long distance phone Card(the cost of this package does not include the cost of the phone card, since that was a personal gift brought in by the customer ) the top of the Stuffed Balloon has a Balloon Flowers and Cellophane. $49.00