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PictureItem NameDescriptionPriceOrder
#BC1Fifty 11″ latex Balloons treated with Hi-Float for a longer floating time, with matching curling ribbons.$75.00

Decor Balloon Columns and Arches
#EC1Hearts with pearl arch Freestanding heart frame with a 3 ft column base on both sides a of single strand pearl arch. This arch was created in front of a stage approx. 20ft wide$220.00
#EC2Casino ColumnsThese columns are approx 10ft tall, created with a spiraling design of dice printed 11″ latex, and topped off with a 29″ Mylar playing card.$80.00 per column
#EC3Column with sprayThese columns are approx 10ft tall, topped with 260Qs to create a spray effect. $80.00 per column

Decor Fourth of July
Star frame#GCF2Star frameFreestanding star frame, large enough to walk through. Aprox 10ft tall and 8ft wide$250.00

Outdoor ArchEC01Outdoor ArchHelium filled column arch...Aprox. 20ft wide x 10ft high$210.00
Outdoor ArchEC02Pool ArchSingle Pearl Arch over pool$7.00 per ft.

#ECR1 2 Column Arches in the middle of the room. Each arch is aprox. 20 ft wide x 10ft high$420.00

Cactus#GC1CactusThis Cactus is 8ft high, with balloon tumbleweed on the bottom.$90.00
Palm trees#GC2Palm trees2 Palm trees created with balloons. Aprox. 10ft tall70.00 ea.
Freestanding Star with column base#GC3Freestanding Star with column baseThis Star frame is aprox. 10ft tall, with a Column base aprox. 3ft tall$65.00
Octupus#GC4OctupusEach tentacle on this balloon created Octupus is aprox. 5ft long$250.00

Stairway#CS1StairwayThis staircase is decorated with 6 bouquets of 3 -11" latex per bouquet tied to the rails.$27.00
Stairway#CS2Stairway3-balloon clusters, each cluster has 8 11" latex and is tied to the railing with tulle.$51.00

Balloon Chandelier#DT1Balloon ChandelierThis Creation was created for the gift table for a Bar Mitzvah. This combination of 30 11" latex balloons are shaped then glued together as one unit.$65..00

Wedding Cake Table
Balloon Clouds#AWC1Balloon CloudsCreated for a gift table...3 -36"; latex printed ";just married"; inside the large balloons are two 11"; latex, on the bottom of each 36"; latex are 3 quads of 5"; latex. Tulle is Draped between the balloons.$85.00
3 Clusters#AWC23 Clusters3 Clusters of Helium filled Balloons created with 8-11"; latex per cluster, and joined together with tulle.$65.00
Balloon Clouds#AWC3Balloon CloudsThis arrangement is created with 3-36"; Printed latex";just married"; inside each of the printed balloon is an 11"; solid. The base is collared with two quads of 11"; solid colored latex, underneath the 11"; quads, are 2 quads of 5"; printed latex. Accented and joined with tulle and ribbons.$95.00

Wedding Guest Sign In Table
Table top Bride and Groom#AWG1Table top Bride and GroomAproximately 30"; tall, this artistic creation is a perfect way to greet guest at a wedding reception.$40.00 Per pair or $25.00 for one
3ft double stuffed Printed latex#AWG23ft double stuffed Printed latex36"; Clear latex printed ";just married"; stuffed with 2 11"; solid colored pearl latex. Celophane spreads out at the base of the balloon. 5"; clear hearts are attached to the ribbon. It is anchored with a decorated sand weight on the floor.$30.00
Hot air with basket#AWG3Hot air with basketThis double stuffed36"; Clear latex balloonwith floral prints, is designed to look like a hot air balloon. A large net attaches the balloon to the basket. Decorated with clurling ribbons, bows, and matching design 5"; latex. A cellophaned wrapped sand weigh inside the basket to anchor it down.$45.00

Wedding Pillers
Pillar wrap#AWP1Pillar wrapWrapped with a plastic material, accented with 5"; Mylar Hears, 5"; latex balloons, ribbons and tulle. The size of this pillar was aprox. 20ft tall, and aprox. 24"; in diameter.$25.00

Wedding Table Decor
Balloon and Mylar Bouquet#AWT1Balloon and Mylar Bouquet3-Messaged Mylars, two 11" White Pearl latex, and two 11" Clear Latex, and a ring attached to a decorated weight. This Bouquet was designed for a table top.$19.50

Window Decor
Rainbow and Clouds#FW1Rainbow and CloudsThis sunny window display is created with balloon clouds and rainbows over a boxfull of balloon flowers and smiling latex balloons.$150.00

With Columns and Arches
Peacock Arch#AWA1Peacock ArchThis Arch is priced at $10.00 per linear ft. and is aprox. 20 ft wide x 15ft tall$300.00
Columns and Pearl arch#AWA2Columns and Pearl arch2 Columns Aprox. 8ft tall, joined by a single pearl arch.$132.00

With Hearts
#AWH1 Freestanding heart,aprox. 42"; wide x 42"; tall, Spiraled designed, with a banner across the middle with the names of the bride and groom$85.00
#AWH2 Freestanding heart,aprox. 42"; wide x 42"; tall, Spiraled designed, with a banner across the middle with the names of the bride and groom$85.00
#AWH3 Freestanding heart,aprox. 42"; wide x 42"; tall. This heart is designed with green ivy, ribbons and tulle.$95.00

Dance floor Arch#GCW1Dance floor ArchThis dance floor designed for an Xmas party was made with 4 snowmen, the corners for two criss crossed single pearl arch. Each arch is aprox. 12 ft long($5.00 per ft). Snowmen are aprox. 10ft tall($100.00ea)$520.00